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Lily goes from brunette to blonde for summer And if you think the idea of all these women in their underwear together was hot...well, I'll let you get on with your fantasy. And if it isn't hot enough for you, we'll keep adding more women in sexy lingerie and have some "Porn Idol Fun." There's something about lesbian sex in bikinis that is very hot! After several years of building a following with her comedy sketches (and I mean BIG followers), Lily did something truly stupid: She created and starred in an Internet series called Lily Live, in which she lip-synched her funny bits to Bikini Girl videos. It was nothing but nudity, female nudity and music, making it hard to tell what exactly was happening, although there were hints: a lot of shots with the curtains open at various stages of undress. When you heard the track 'In My Pants' playing, it really was like being inside a panty shot, but without the panties! The only mystery was who was getting off, because everything else was so...public. We never saw Lily's face, her legs or anything like that; just what appeared to be her nude body through some gauzy fabric (no doubt airbrushed). All in all, it was great fun for Lily, but most people found it hard to watch and was dropped after the first episode, leaving Lily wondering why she'd ever done such a thing. What no one realized then, however, was how incredibly useful that series would become, because Lily had to use the rest of the year developing this new "genre" as she termed it. First of all, with every song and clip added, it got bigger and better. Also, the viewers wanted different types of content and kept suggesting various things. So while most people watched Lily Live as some sort of joke, Lily was actually producing videos, photos and whatever they could imagine. For example, last year someone sent her two pictures of a naked man who looked vaguely familiar, but the other picture was his hand between a pair of ass cheeks and didn't give away much.