Divine Daniela | Daniela Ortiz | 18 VR porn pic gallery

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Wrap your arms around those beautiful, meaty thighs. When you look back upon your experience with her, you won't be looking back upon all of your experiences. You'll have only one singular experience, over and over in your mind. She is that good. Her smile and her whimpers as your cock fills her, they are that much more to handle. You've made a mistake. She won't allow you out of her sight again. At least, not without your soul. You won't need it where she is taking you. I'd like to point out for the record, at no point in this story do you use Daniela's pussy. No. Not at all. Once her breasts are involved, it's not going to matter if she wants something or not. This is a sex act without asking questions. And without pants. That should be in your constitution, as a man. You can't question this. If you love big breasts, then you can't argue. It just is. So Daniela's is going to use your cock like a pinata, and then, she's going to claim the reward. Remember, the phrase the ancients used to describe her kind, way back when, is "demon of pleasure". I wouldn't go quite that far, but "sex demon" has been used before in history. Her tits were said to have milk of human compassion within. Really, this is one way that we can explain away an extremely bizarre ancient cult's idea that she would, one, manifest in this plane and two, actually serve them. Daniela Ortiz has done a hell of a lot of acting over the years.