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How sexy does Alissa look standing there waiting for you. So cool, confident and sexy. In the next set of photos, the girls begin to take their leather outfits off for us. They have been inside warming their hands by the fireplace, so now it is time to warm their naked bodies. In the photo to the left, both girls are laying down, removing their tops, in the next picture both Alissa and Ellie have slipped out of their tops, and I can't believe Alissa has such a big soft, silky looking ass... Wow! I wonder what kind of panties our girls have on underneath... well take a look for yourselves! Wow... what is that between their sexy thighs, do you think Alissa might like a little lesbo tongue or perhaps you could lick between those soft, shaved lips? Both Alissa and Ellie are slowly standing up, in this photo it seems our Ellie has forgotten her top on the rug, while Alissa takes hers off and tosses it out of the shot. They slowly unbuckle their belts and slide their zippers down, then kick off their high heeled boots... Oopsie... I dropped the controller... it didn't even skid... sheesh I hate it when I lose it like that. Ok back to the girls... Slipping down their leather pants reveals something extra special! How did they keep those stockings in place?! Such cute, kinky little sluts... I bet they are looking for a little "cock"y action with their mouths! Look at our Alissa! What a pose! Sexy lesbian fuck doll. Isn't the next photo beautiful?


delphine Feb 21, 2024
pour la masturbation c'est parfait pour c'est deux belles salopes