Loosing my virginity

19 Sep 2013, 23:31 - Category: babes

Now, I am going to tell you about how I lost my virginity. Needless to say that My BFF, Sunny’s hand was in it and not just literally. There was this boy called Jamie in our class that I had a huge crush on but I was always too shy to show him my affection. He was tall, blond and had an angelic face. In other words, he was pure perfection, at least for me. The end of our senior year was getting closer but we barely spoke to each other.

Obviously, Sunny was always urging me to lose my virginity. Somehow, my inexperienced status seemed to bother her. When asked her why, she told me that we could have so much fun together and gave me that well known kinky smile. After a long persuasion, I admitted that I fancied Jamie but I regretted it immediately when I saw the look on Sunny’s face.

One evening, Sunny told me to go to her house as she had a big surprise for me. When I entered her home I could see how excited my friend was. She told me to stay silent and covered my eyes with her hands. After a while, she told me to stop and took her hands away. Holy crap! It was Jamie! He was sitting on Sunny’s bed bare naked except for that shawl that was covering his eyes.

I wanted to say something but Sunny silenced me with her finger and looked me deep in the eyes. While she was keeping me hostage with her stare, she began undressing me. She took my shirt and bra off and then started caressing my tits softly. I wanted to stop her, but she silenced me with a kiss. Her lips were sweet and smooth and she was a really good kisser. I really don’t know what got into me but I found myself kissing her back. She continued stripping me down and when I was finally naked, her crafty little hands slid down to my ass and to my pussy.  My eyes widened in my surprise, but she didn’t seem to mind and kept on massaging my clitoris. Although I thought that I should make her stop but the pleasure was so overwhelming that I completely forgot about myself. Suddenly, Sunny stopped and lifted her hand so that I could see it. Her finger was all wet! I was shocked but she smiled at me a said:

- You are ready my Dear...

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