How I met Sunny

11 Sep 2013, 13:45 - Category: teen

Now, I am going to tell you about how my BFF, Sunny and I became friends in the first place. I was 17, it was my first day at my new high school and frankly, I was scared as hell. Would my new classmates like me? Would the girls be bitchy? Would there be handsome guys in the school?

When I entered my new classroom, I felt that everybody was looking at me. “What? Have you never seen a white girl before? ” I thought to myself. I found an empty chair in the back and tried to be invisible. Thankfully, the bell rang and the teacher entered the room. As she was calling over the roll, the door flew open and everybody turned there heads. In the door there was a stunningly beautiful black-haired teen with the deepest brown eyes I had ever seen. She was wearing a tiny little skirt and a tight top, through I could see her absolutely round big tits. She excused herself idly and sat down right next to me. I was trying to act calm but I felt that she was looking right at me. When I turned my head to her, she gave me a warm smile that was simply breath-taking. I was so shocked that I just stared at her for a few seconds, then turned away with a blush on my cheeks.

My first day was almost over, but I had to talk to the P.E teacher, so I set out to find his office. When I finally found it , the door was closed, so I tried to peek through the small window I found. I almost screamed out loud of what I saw there. The charming raven-haired beauty from class was sitting on the office table with her skirt pulled up, while getting her pussy fucked by a young boy. Holy crap! At school! Suddenly, they switched position, so now my class mate was facing me. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning, while the boy banged her skinny little ass from behind. Then, the boy came and it was all over. Suddenly, the girl opened her eyes and she was looking right at me. For a second, we just stared at each other, then I run away.

Next day, I was so scared that I wanted to skip school, but my parents did not let me, obviously. What was she going to do with me?Would she beat me up? With such thoughts in my head, I reached the school and to my shock, the raven-haired girl was standing right at the door. Without hesitation, she came up to me, and I was sure that she was going to slap me in the face or something, but instead she said:

- Hello, my name is Sunny and from now on, you and I are going to be friends....

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