A Coed Is Blackmailing Me

28 Sep 2023, 12:23 - Category: babes

A Coed Is Blackmailing Me 


It’s my first year of college teaching, and I’m already in big trouble. Being the youngest teacher on campus and fairly handsome, the coeds are crazy for me. And to be honest, I’m crazy for them. I resister an entire semester, not getting involved with them. But after a while, and after discovering that some of my older colleagues were also getting naughty with the students, I gave into it and had a couple of one-night stands. That was my rule. One-night stands are hard to prove, and they won’t cause drama. After a one-night stand, I pretended not to know the student I fucked, and it worked well for a while. That was until I met Coed Cherry



The Horny Girl Who Has Me By My Balls


I call her Coed Cherry because she is a natural redhead. Even her pubes are read. And she is crazy about me. She’s also a bit crazy in general. I had a one-night stand with her after one of the home games of the university’s football team. She is a cheerleader and asked me to drop her to her dorm after the game. Then she invited me up to her room since she was all alone. And she fucked the hell out of me. I’d never been with a cheerleader before, and I was impressed with all the positions and the stamina that she had. She made me cum inside her, and I never did that. Even though she impressed me over the limits, I promised myself only to be a one-night stand. 



She Figured Out How To Get Me Back


When she noticed I started to ignore her, Cherry found a way to get my attention. She sent me a link to a voyeurweb porn site of a video in which I could watch myself getting fucked by this young and acrobatic cheerleader. I could even hear myself announcing that I’ll cum inside her pussy. At least she was decent enough to blur out our faces. But she threatened that if I don’t fuck her again, she will send this video to the ethics committee. And that’s how I’m caught fucking this hottie against my will. Is not that I don’t like it. I love it. But it’s so risky, and I would prefer not having to show up to her booty calls like a sex slave that she’s using whenever she’s horny. 



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